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Our Story

The Maleiha Carino Foundation is a dedicated nonprofit, committed to elevating awareness, enhancing preparedness, and expanding accessibility in our collective fight against pediatric cancers.

Our mission is more than just a cause; it's a tribute to the indomitable spirits, like Maleiha Carino, who faced the trials of pediatric cancer head-on. Maleiha, a determined Filipino-American diagnosed with childhood leukemia in 2011, championed the values of education, community, strength, and love throughout her life. Despite the odds, she achieved her high school graduation in 2014. However, before she could embark on her college journey at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC), she was taken from us by the disease.

In honor of her spirit and determination, the Maleiha Carino Foundation focuses on the future. We are steadfast in our commitment to fund critical research and provide educational resources, all aimed at bettering the lives of children navigating the challenges of pediatric cancer.


Meet the Board

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